This is one of a series of films to educate and encourage young people with or without a heart condition to keep an active and healthy lifestyle. 

This film examines the different reasons that people have for believing Nature to be sacred. It might be because they believe that Nature is intrinsically good. It might be because they want to protect humankind. It might be because they attach religious importance to nature and to humans as stewards. It might be because Nature represents a return to Eden and a less complicated, less corrupted time. It might be because we have been nurtured by nature. Or it might be a mixture of some (or all) of these.

This film was produced for True Tube following the theories of Gordon Lynch, Professor of Theology at the University of Kent. It is intended to encourage debate within the classrooms of young people at Key Stage Level 3.

True Tube is a charity funded company that uses video to engage and encourage ethical discussion for Key Stages 3 and 4 within schools.
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