While working for Lighthouse Relief in Central Greece, I interviewed five displaced women who are living in limbo. They are amongst the over 60,000 refugees trapped in Greece, seeking asylum and awaiting resettlement. 

All of the women I spoke with have escaped war and extreme violence. They set out on a dangerous journey, for what they believe is the best hope for the safety and survival of their children. Their voices echo the experience of refugees worldwide, but especially the many displaced women who are struggling to single handedly provide for their children.

Four of the women in this film are separated from husbands in other European countries who left earlier, before the borders to Europe closed in March of 2016. Another woman I interviewed is now the head of her household after the death of her husband and destruction of her home in Syria. She is solely responsible for her 7 children.

All of the women are grappling alone with the emotional and physical stress of life in camp while caring for their children. All of them wish to be reunited with their loved ones. They remain trapped by borders, unable to move forward and find stability for themselves and their children.

Filmed and Edited by Tommy Chavannes Assistant Editor - Morgan Tipping Assistant Producer - Marie-Helene Rousseau In Association with Lighthouse Relief Translated - Amani Said and Yasmin Shawi Sanchez

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