Grainger Market

A personal project driven by an attraction to the oddities of the people that fill the place and the goods sold there. I contacted the council about the idea to do a profile of the Market as I had a keen interest in the building. They allowed me access with my camera and a dictaphone for week which I spent intensely interviewing and photographing the punters and stall holders there. I needed to spend the at least a few days gaining the trust of the people their in order for me to wonder freely without too much attraction.

During the time I noticed a solemnity; an impression that the world was moving at a pace which the market was not willing to adhere to. Several stalls had been passed down through generations and there was a definite sense of pride in working there from the majority of stall holders. Friendly banter and a strong community spirit seemed to ensure a high morale, keeping the place afloat.

However what I wanted to capture with this set was an emptiness within the space which, although quite grim, seems a place of escapism. A working-class environment of inexpensive simplicity that when observed from distance can seem melancholic and desperate. The clientèle are largely past middle age, however I see something in this particular market that touches me, an attitude and character of the people there, that I attribute to the North-East. Something approachable and endearing yet revealing a slight apprehension of the wider world.