ABout With over 12 years experience as a director, DoP, producer, cameraman and editor I am passionate about filming and editing engaging videos that capture creative work and aim to improve inclusion and diversity in the arts. I regularly work with major cultural organisations including The National Trust, The Place, Locus+, De La Warr Pavilion, Dance City Newcastle, Trinity Laban and The Wellcome Trust. I make diverse production pieces that reflect the credentials of major organisations such as Lighthouse Relief Hellas, The British Heart Foundation, The Royal Voluntary Service and the MS Society. My experience working for commercial clients such as Mute and Telegraph Media Group involve creating storyboards, shooting schedules (and sometimes scripts) raising budgets to project demands and managing production costs and time scales. My passion for social documentary and narrative video has prompted me to make a range of creative films that combine and blur the boundaries between documentary, dance and video art. In exploring the territories between performance art, video art and exploratory dance practice I have attracted support from The Place for my piece ‘Empty Nesters’ and collaborated with EMIC productions on our BAFTA award nominated film ‘The Invitation’. A long established interest in non-linear and experimental Video inspires the soundscapes and music I have made for my creative films. Throughout my career I have been involved in educational film projects including workshops for the BFI, The Rank Foundation and schools and colleges across the U.K. I also devise and deliver training programmes for large companies and corporations on creating and managing video content. My Photographic work has taken me to diverse locations including refugee camps in Europe (VICE) and Haiti (SAKALA). More recently I have been creating work that blends collage, digital collage and glitch art.